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Listing and selling items on Amazon is relatively simple. The barrier to entry is much lower than starting a physical store, and with built-in traffic, you can potential start making money when you list your first product! However, building a business is not easy! If it was, everybody would do it (and succeed!)

After selling multiple millions worth of products online over the course of over 2 decades, I've experienced the excitement but also the challenges of making an income online!

Success takes desire, drive, and dedication, but all these things are worthless without the right strategy! Don't worry, that's why I'm here! I will help you create a blueprint for your business and guide you every step of the way!

The e-commerce "pie" is giant! Over 5.3 trillion dollars was made last year alone! This is expected to nearly double in the next 5 years! Amazon sales make up over 500 billion dollars of that! Over 50% of those sales come from 3rd pary sellers! Grabbing just "a little slice" of that pie can easily make you 6 figures in profit!

By simply buying from suppliers and selling on Amazon consistently, I've been accomplishing this for years and you can do the same in 6 steps:

1. Start the System

2. Pick Profitable Products

3. Search and Secure Suppliers

4. Ship, Save, and Sell

5. Monitor, Manage and Maximize

6. Restock, Rinse and Repeat

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Buying wholesale: The best model for consistent income



There are three main models to make money with physical product on Amazon. Throughout the years, I have heavily utilized all three models:

1. Arbitrage (buy low sell high)

2. Wholesale (buying from wholesale suppliers and selling their products on Amazon)

3. Private label (creating a unique "brand" and selling my own products)

I used to recommend jumping right in and utilizing all 3 of these models to build income, and don't misunderstand: All the above remain as legitimate methods of making money online, and all of them used to be relatively simple, but times have changed! Not only has the landscape gotten a lot more complex and competive, I've also discovered while all of these models come with challenges, the problems with artitrage and private label can lead to greater failure in the long run


Arbitrage can bring in some good profits with fairly high margins. However, I prefer the method only as a startup or a supplement. It is very difficult to scale After years of effort, I found I was still in the "sourcing game" rather than having actually built anything, Arbitrage requires constant effort to "find the next thing" , not to mention the fact that without established relationships with the brands or their distributors, you'll run into a lot of restrictions on what can be sold (and often, if you try without permission, this can lead to a lot of IP (intellectual property) complaints which will get you shut down!


Private label directly "solves" this problem as private label allows the ability to actually "build a brand" that you own! Sounds great right? Well imagine taking the thousands of dollars you could have invested into hundreds of different products via arbitrage and dumping it into hundreds or thousands of units of one single product that you hope will sell! Despite what anyone tells you, no amount of "good research" guarantees all the variables will fall into place and you'll be successful- and even if you are, entire industries can vanish, demand can disappear, competition can move in and your sales and rankings can disappear literally overnight! If that weren't enough, there are countless laws and regulations that you better be sure your product complies with (and you'll need to prove it!) If you even make it that far, then, we can talk about how hard it is to actually build a brand and customer loyalty (spoiler alert, Amazon customer are loyal to Amazon, not you or your brand) Bottom line: Private label is very risky!



The majority of newcomers tend to adopt either the arbitrage model or the private label model (and this is what you'll find the majoirty of content and training talking about too- which means more competition!)

It seems you must make the choice between a frustrating game of constantly looking for profitable items that can't be easily scaled or a risky game of investing thousands into a stock pile of a single product that might sell.

In the recent years, I've put the majority of my focus into the "magic middle" between the two!

Buying wholesale provides the best from both worlds. Consider the benefits:

- Know if a product will sell BEFORE you buy it

- Sell brands that customers are already searching for (no marketing or ad spend required!)

- Buy wide, not deep (invest small amounts per product and offer hundreds or thousands of different products!)

-Buy from legitimate suppliers that are authorized to sell you these products for resale

-Buy from your own country to drastically reduce shipping time and costs!

-Low minimum orders with most suppliers (we're talking 0 - $250 minimums rather than $5,000-$10,000 minimums of private label!)

-Restock winning products again and again

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